Tuesday, 18 May 2010

And winner is...

Dear All ,

We actually have decided on more than one, however, the ultimate winner of the trip to Pecs is ILARIA PANCI with Silent Footprints.

Special Jury Prizes will be awarded to Julija Svetlova and Tong Cheol Oh. These are numbered photographs from Janos Szasz.

We will get in touch with the winners soon!


P.S. There will be photos of the opening night of the exhibition on the blog shortly and a nice little surprise, a photo taken by the grandson of the artist!

Photos by Sally Bierman

Photo by Emma Boughey

Photograph by Laszlo Kovacs

Rich by India Lawton

Lonely Old Woman by Tatiana Luca

Wool Souls by Tatiana Luca

Loneliness by Tatiana Luca

Photo by Nikoletta Bati

Go About Dreaming by Tong Cheol Oh

MuseE_3 by Julija Svetlova

Silent Footprints by Ilaria Panci

Submissions - THANK YOU!

Dear All,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your submissions, we were very pleased that so many quality photographs have arrived. Please find all entries here for you to enjoy and figure out which original photograph inspired them.

Hanna and the HCC Team